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Glaring Convening of Jinyifang Owners Appreciation Meeting
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      In April, 2011, Yincheng Jinyifang, located at the cross of Qingliangmen Avenue and Jinjiang Road, was opened. 47 suites were sold on the exact day. 53 suites were sold by middle June 2011 with the sales rate reaching 96%. The sales rate and the market pursuit extent further represented great rallying point of Yincheng brand at Longjiang area. On June 19, 2011, a spectacular owners-appreciation meeting was held at Yincheng Juzeyuan with all Jinyifang owners invited and media reporters attracted so as to appreciate the owners care and deep love of Yincheng.

Jinyifang Owners Appreciation Meeting, Who Will Win the House Purchase Ticket Worthy RMB10,000

     With the lingering sunlight, on the red carpet, at the nightfall after rain in summer, owners of Jinyifang gathered at the activity site of “Owners Appreciation Soiree”, a corner of the reception center of Juzeyuan. On the stage, foreign singers sang sweet songs with children playing around the buffoon. Yincheng Real Estate had elaborately prepared Haagen-Dazs ice cream, various fruit and flavorful beverage, with attracting fragrance emanating in the lingering sunlight.

     The appreciation soiree was opened in a glorious laser performance. Cool gold performance dressing, unbelievable and glorious laser performance were greatly applauded by owners on the site. Mr. Ma, General Manager of Yincheng Real Estate addressed the soiree, sand-drawing artist depicted the architecture art history diligently cultivated by Yincheng Real Estate on the spot.


     Then professional model performers displayed various classic robes, which won unceasing applauses. A song “the Moon Represents My Heart” sang by a foreign singer enabled owners to feel even happier. The amusing performance of acrobat buffoon made children rather excited. Lucky children obtained lovely tools presented by the host.

     The on-site lucky draw in the appreciation soiree always made owners excited with the house purchase ticket worthy RMB2000, RMB5000 and RMB10,000. Finally, a owner who loved Jinyifang for the first sight was lucky to get the house purchase ticket worthy RMB10,000 with their happiness overflowing on the appearance. In addition to the house purchase ticket and plush toys, all the attending owners were awarded a delicate big gift prepared by Yincheng Real Estate.

     The appreciation soiree witnessed the 102nd Father’s Day. In consideration most owners came with their entire family members, the host specially prepared the family interaction procedure by inviting children to compete with their father.

     Whenever the father completed the acrobatic action with the buffoon, children on the stage gave happy laugh and applause immediately with their adoration overflowing on their appearance. When the compere asked what kind of expectation to their child, a father said “I hope she will be happy without the study to be her burden”. His affecting love won favorable applauses.

     The host staff, on behalf of Yincheng Real Estate presented lovely toy to fathers to express the festival congratulation to all fathers.

     Unique Fascination Glares Nanjing Night with Jinyifang Owners Gathering at Juzeyuan

As the appreciation soiree was held at the sales site of Juzeyuan, owners and invited guests had the opportunity of feeling an unique honorable experience at short range.


The red carpet, signature wall, chest flower with must tools for famous stars all moved to the site. The spotlight, VIP chair, LED screen all worked on the spot. Beautiful models, charming flowers, refreshing beverage and Haagen-Dazs ice cream all emanated fragrance, matched with delicate garden landscape of Juzeyuan, elegant sales office, formed a feast to the eyes. Some visitors stated that Jinyifang’s owners were really admired and the naissance of Juzeyuan was expecting.

It is known that Yincheng Juze Garden has already over 700 registered intended customers up to now ever since its publicity on May 28.