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Great Popularity at the Opening Ceremony of Juzeyuan
 2011-08-28 12:02:00.0    Browse :1857

      August 28, 2011 witnessed the grand opening ceremony of Yincheng Juzeyuan with 172 houses promoted for the first phase. The sales rate reached 80% upon 17:00 of the exact day.

Great Popularity on the Site for Quality Pursuit

      The formal opening was set at 9:30 in the morning, a lot of people were gathering at the sales center before 9 o’clock with the space before the sales control table crushed with people and the auditoria on the site full of audiences.

      Ms. Huang, an owner of Yincheng Xidi International laughed: “no one feels regretful for buying Xidi, but some who failed to buy Xidi feel regretful. We are always thinking to buy a suite for my son’s marriage. As Juzeyuan is not far from Xidi, we can take care of each other and settle the issue of my grandson’s primary school”. Mr. and Ms. Huang are Yincheng’s old fans who have experienced Yincheng’s quality for half of their life.


      On the opening site, a customer with investment experience for many years told to the author, what the project moved him was its location. “Location is the priority in term of investment. Yincheng Juzeyuan, which is located at the boundary of Longjiang commercial circle and Jiangdong commercial circle, can not only enjoy the surrounding mature living circle but enjoy the value increase potential brought by the future development of Hexi District. I have been following the project when the project site was enclosed; otherwise, I could not buy a suite according to the situation today”.

      Customers who failed to buy their house displayed different feelings. On the site, an old couple greatly loved a suite of 128m2 which had been sold out. Aunt Hu who accompanied her husband said “my granddaughter was studying at the neighboring kindergarten. I have already seen at Jufuyuan with great community environment. It is said that Juzeyuan and Jufuyuan share the same developer, and then I soon came here. I never knew that there’s no house and I could only order the next batch”. The another customer asked with unbelief: “how cannot you make it for purchase restriction?”

      “It is always the case as to Yincheng’s houses. There’re many faithful old owners and closely-related members. The opening is only a ceremony. Houses have been almost sold off internally before the opening.” An experiencing person in the industry on the site made the comment.

Highlight the eyes and amaze the life

     Juzeyuan’s houses are hot, and the activity site is also very hot. In order to appreciate customers’ attention and deep love, the host elaborately organized the activities on that day with big and small lucky draws thereof. In the activity, customers experiences Yincheng’s kindness, care and sincereness.

     At 9:48 in the morning, the activity was formally initiated. Jiang Tianlun, Deputy General Manager of Nanjing Yincheng Real Estate delivered ebullient speech. Afterwards, Xie Chenguang, President of Yincheng Real Estate Group, Cao Dong, Customer Relation Supervisor of Yincheng Real Estate Group, Ma Baohua, General Manager of Nanjing Yincheng, Wu Wei, Deputy General Manager of Nanjing Yincheng initiated the crystal ball which symbolized quality and perfection. The curtain of the grand opening ceremony of Juzeyuan was undrawn in the flying colorful paper-flower.


      The opening program was new folk music performance. Five young and beautiful ladies with Chinese traditional musical instrument and moving their good stature won unceasing applause on the site. In the course, the folk appealing was perfectly combined with fashion expressions.

      T-platform show with foreign and local models, magic performance by magicians from South Korea and France, the performance of Doctor and Doll by performers from Ukraine and the buffoon performance mobilized the interaction environment on the spot with novel performance and profound exotic feelings, which attracted many children setting foot on the stage to display their performance.

     The most popular activity was the lucky draw for its abundant prize such as Philips coffee cup, Philips juicing machine, ipad 2, Apple computer and Maldives double-person travel. As all the people attending the activity can attend the lucky draw, many customers were very busy for some member was busy at choosing and ordering house and some member was worrying about the lucky draw. Finally, the big prize of luxurious Maldives double-person travel was gained by a lucky Ms. Wu. When the compere announced the prize, she felt hesitate for several seconds and then shouted “I am here, it’s me”. Whenever she talked about the prize, the lady said she never thought of it and she never knew that she can not only buy the intended house but also get the big prize. She was rather happy.