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Yincheng Real Estate is honored to be awarded the best innovation enterprise for Chinese talent development in 2009
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     On April 22, 2010 (the 6th) Annual Meeting of Chinese Enterprise Training and Development, hosted by “Training” Magazine and co-organized and supported by Centennial Foundation, Sohoo Business School,, and Finance Online, was held in Beijing. Yincheng Real Estate was honored to be awarded “2009 Best Innovation Enterprise for Chinese Talent Development” (the 1st).

     “The Annual Meeting of Chinese Enterprise and Development” is the most influential meeting in human resource industry. It has been held for six times with accumulated people over 4000. The meeting for this year is the largest in scale.

     In 2009, over 300 enterprise across the country were competing the best case for talent development, among which, there were such top world 500 such as Nestle, IBM, DuPont, Amway, Budweiser and McDonald as well as some excellent domestic enterprises such as, ZTE Corporation and China FAW., etc. In order to ensure the impersonality and impartiality of the appraisal, the appraisal procedure was very strict with all declared enterprises’ name concealed and replaced with code, then domestic top-ranking institutes, authoritative institutes in the industry and professional management scholars carried out investigations, evaluations and screening upon three months and finally selected 20 awarded units. Yincheng “Golden Delta” HR Training System was unanimously recognized by experts of the Appraisal Committee and became the only awarded enterprise with most votes.

     “Golden Delta” Training System is the framework for this appraisal, that is, the training course system, the lecturer resource system and the training management system, which respectively represents such three key training issues of “what is trained? who is training? how to train?” The system is the systematic conclusion of Yincheng training management work in recent years, which not only represents the achievements of the Company’s management level’s persistence in talent cultivation for long time, but also the epitome of the continuous efforts and enterprising of the entire employees.

     The host believes that Yincheng’s original system model and characteristic practice not only feature distinctive industry characteristics, but also provide case support for the successful development of newly-emerged enterprises in short time.

     Ten 2009 Best Innovation Enterprises for Chinese Talent Development is taking the joint photo with the guests for award presentation.

 Yincheng is communicating with other enterprises