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Yincheng Real Estate is awarded “2009-2010 Real Estate Development Integrity Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”
 2011-04-20 12:34:00.0    Browse :1788

    On April 19, 2011, “the Commendation Meeting of 2009-2010 Real Estate Development Integrity Enterprise” was held at Nanjing Jinling Jingyuan Hotel. Yincheng Real Estate was awarded “2009-2010 Real Estate Development Integrity Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”. The Group President Xie Chenguang attended the meeting and received the award on behalf of Yincheng Real Estate.

    The election of real estate development integrity enterprise of Jiangsu Province is to promote the establishment of integrity system in the real estate market, reinforce the self-discipline and self-reliance in the real estate industry, promote the honesty, integrity and service level in the real estate industry, establish a harmonious market system and advance the continuous and healthy development of the real estate market in the whole province.

    Ten appraisal standards are set, including: the development and operation according to the qualification scope, the execution of legal procedures in project development, the serious performance of contract, the quality guarantee in the building construction, the delivery as stipulated in the contract, the publicity of sales (pre-sales) license, the clearly marked price, the tax payment in due time, the complaint settlement timely, the execution of national loan policy strictly, no bad credit record, the self-conscious maintenance of market order and no improper competition behavior. The Appraisal Committee is organized by Jiangsu Real Estate Association together with competent government department and partial experts to carry out the appraisal.

    After the activity initiation at the end of 2010, 121 real estate enterprises were awarded the prize upon the initial appraisal, review for three month and publicity for one month, among which, six real estate enterprises in Nanjing were ranked.

     This award is a high recognition of Yincheng Real Estate for its consistent integrity operation. The Company will be always stimulating itself by making use of each opportunity so as to make its due contribution to the healthy development of the real estate industry and establish the good integrity image of the real estate industry.