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Successful Convening of 2011 “Yincheng • Son of Dream” Promotion and Specific Training Project Kick-Off Meeting
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     2011 “Yincheng · Son of Dream” Promotion and Specific Training Project Kick-Off Meeting was successfully convened in the afternoon of June 28.

     “Son of Dream”, a new campus employment brand newly promoted by the Company, undertakes the Company’s philosophy essence of dream, absorbs the graduating students expecting them with the freedom of various Chinese academic schools and independent personality, at the same time, the term also adopts meaning from “Dream Team”: adept at fighting in golden combination while marching forward together.

     The meeting included such agenda as the new employees show, the addressing of the Board Chairman, the introduction of new employees training, the awarding of mentor souvenir and the letter delivery to himself/herself in the future., etc.

      The first batch of 16 “son of dream” was divided into four teams with each team delivering excellent self-introduction. After the presentation of new employees, Board Chairman made the conclusion and pointed, through the segment of “Ladder 47”, that many approaches may be adopted to enable new employees understood and involved in the group rapidly after employment, and further emphasized that the role of managers at each level as “primary personnel training principal”. Then, Supervisor of Human Resource Department introduced the training method of new employees in a detailed manner, identifying that “burden shall be delivered to practice people in work and accelerate the cultivation rhythm of new employees”. Afterwards, exquisite gifts were awarded to mentors with entrustment and responsibilities conferred on behalf of the Company. Finally, new employees mailed a letter to themselves for one year later. The kick-off meeting was concluded successfully.

 “Good Day”+ “Friend”= “Good Friend”, a song delivers the elegant demeanor of “son of dream”.

The Company’s leader is awarding exquisite gift to mentors: “the 1st Son of Dream Mentor Crystal Ball”

“Son of Dream” is solemnly mailing a letter to himself/herself in the future