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Yincheng•Flowers Stream
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     Situated at Jiangning Economic and Technologic Development Zone, Yincheng·Flowers Stream is affiliated to Jiulonghu Section with good natural environment. The total building area of the project is about 58,300m2, the planned plot ratio is 2.0, and the green rate is 45%; the project plans two 11-storey small high-rise, and three 18-storey high-rise buildings.

     The project is situated at the new centre of Jiangning District; it possesses many bus routes, two rail traffic supporting; it is adjacent to Tongren Hospital, the only Level Three Grade A hospital in Jiangning District. Surrounding the project, there are the best schools in Jiangning District, including Attached Primary School of Nanjing Normal University, and Attached Middle School of Nanjing Normal University. In the northwest direction of the project, the construction of Yangjiawei Culture and Business Centre is being planned, to develop five-star hotel, waterfront commerce, office work, dwelling, education and city garden, and the predicted investment will reach RMB 12,000,000,000.

     After 18 years’ development in Nanjing, Yincheng Real Estate concentrates its fine workmanship, makes full use of the excellent natural environment of Jiulonghu area and the increasingly mature supporting construction, and strives to build Yincheng·Flowers Stream into a regional high-end community with excellent product quality, elegant and romantic landscape, and considerate and humane management.